Board Members

 Alice Mwangangi
img_20160910_121722_10csAlice is a self motivated Information Science graduate, career social worker and a counseling psychology student. She is the founder of the Tabitha Children’ Home (2009) as a Community Based Organization (CBO) and the Codech Kenya. Alice has a good background on dealing with the community having worked as a social worker in her rural home for over two years.She is currently working for Around the Globe Deliverance Services Limited has a data administrative and Editorial secretary. Together with friends she founded Codech Kenya as a flat form to reaching and rescuing the community from the pangs of hunger and desperation resulting from poor rain patterns or/and no rains at all. She is the chairperson of the board of members of Codech Kenya




Emmanuel Muinde

Emmanuel, from a humble social background has a high regard and passion for humanity and charity work. He has since his high school days being engaged in helping the poor and the vulnerable in the society with his meager earnings. To some extent, Emmanuel would volunteer to offer teaching service for almost free (teaching Mathematics, chemistry and physics in secondary schools) so long as that service will help a kid who otherwise will not have got help.

Emanuel, an engineer by profession has been a key pillar during the establishment of both Codech Kenya and its sister project- Destiny Child help Centre, the education wing of Codech Kenya. He is humble and above all a God fearing visionary young man.




Charles Ngusya Nguna
Charles is a humble, innovative.and aggressive young man who has had a wide experience in finance and management. Having attained
a bachelor’s degree in Finance and management in United States International University (USIU), a masters Degree in Accounting from Strathmore University and a doctorate degree in Finance from London school of Economics, Charles is a development conscious and more so in the community. He has pioneered and financed many development projects ranging from building schools, building hospitals and raising fees for the poor and
bright students from the community. He is the pioneer of the Charles Ngusya Nguna Tournament that aims at raising talents among the youth. He has worked with the Emirates Airlines, Access Kenya as the credit controller and among other distinguished firms in the world. Charles is currently working with Etihad Airlines as the Finance Manager.

  Lazarus Musyoka

Rev Lazarus Musyoka is a servant of God by the will and purpose of God. He works with Around the globe deliverance ministry (ATG) Kenya, East Africa where he’s the regional overseer Machakos region. He’s married to Pastor Eunice Lazarus and God has blessed them with three children namely, Johannan Munene, Hope Mutheu and Princess Mitchelle Makena. Rev Lazarus Musyoka is the patron of Destiny child help centre which is located at kitui county, migwani sub county where we feed, take care and educate the orphans, vulnerable and needy children from all walks of life. He is a multinational speaker and a seasoned preacher of the word of God. Rev Lazarus can be contacted through;

        Sylvester Maende
A business administration graduate and a law student, Sylvester is a balanced and charismatic young leader who has grown to like development since his childhood days.He has also worked as a news writer and a continuity presenter in ATG Radio . He has diverse experience in community development having worked in South Sudan Trust and Rehabilitation Organization (SSTDO) as the project coordinator and at some point the acting Executive
Director in 2013.Sylvester currently works with the Nicknora Pharmaceuticals Co. Limited in south Sudan
as the Strategic and commercial Manager.
He is a co-founder of Codech Kenya and the
board of Directors treasurer.
Benjamin Musunza
He is a co-founder of Medishare Africa and has diverse interest in community development and charity work having worked in different capacities to develop and implement different community projects in different organizations to include the Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation and Innovation in community development agency over the past several years a factor that inspired him to join with like-minded people to form Medishare Africa to spearhead the initiation and accomplishment of projects that are geared towards improving the lives of the less fortunate in the society. He is a graduate of the Kenya Methodist University with a Bachelor of Business Administration Human Resource Management. He is also a Board Member and Project Officer to the Board of Management of the Mikuyuni Valley Academy in Mutito District in Kitui County in Kenya.


Shadrack Mutua
Shadrack is soft spoken young man who exemplifies a lot of
maturity and charisma. The general agriculture graduate is an excellent footballer and sometimes practices athletics. The young and ambitious Shadrack currently works with the ministryof Agriculture in conjunction with other local NGOs to create awareness to local farmers. He is the secretary of Codech Kenya.
Bernard Mutinda
Being a total orphan , Bernard as learned life and its hard side the hard way. He is well dedicated to help children and the community. He is the first born in a family of four and has over the years been able to lead his siblings well into school and other areas of life.He is an accountant having achieved Certified Public Accountants (CPA VI) six.
He is currently working with the Hashi Energy Limited as an Accountant