Shelter & Infrastructure

Every human being needs a safe place to sleep and live in. A safe shelter is a show of dignity and an important aspect in every human life. It gives us safety and security, protects us from harsh weather, and helps keep off diseases. Due to acute poverty brought about by lack of and/or no rains at all, there are no permanent houses and the temporal ones host the whole family. These factors deprive the family of its dignity and sense of respect.
The communities and more so in rural areas need roads, health clinics and schools. Codech Kenya builds and repairs schools, roads and health clinics for the community.

How we approach the shelter and infrastructure

  • Engaging teams of engineers, architects, and other construction professionals to work with communities and determine the best ways for them to rebuild.
  • We work alongside residents to build safe shelters that can be transitioned into permanent homes in the future.
  • We construct or upgrade vital infrastructure like schools, health clinics, roads, bridges, dams—whatever is needed.

 Join us to provide shelter and infrastructure that helps families rise up from lack and rebuild their lives. Get involved today.