Our History

The Community Development and Child help Agency (CODECH) is Non-Governmental Organization, non – partisan, non-profit making organization funded by partners and well-wishers. It is run by a Board of Trustees, who oversees an executive management team charged with the day-to-day running of the organization activities. Its’ main objective is to assist the poor and the underprivileged communities in Kenya by giving support on poverty eradication initiatives and projects among others.

 It was founded by Alice Sylvester who has had a clear picture of what lack is from her childhood. Alice has worked with several organizations which offer to support the needy and give hope to the hopeless and thus gaining the experience and expertise. During her working with the different organizations, she held firsthand information and knowledge of the challenges faced by people she met in their quest to living better lives.

 Having seen the kind of challenges mothers and children face after domestic violence, poverty and the time taken to look for water among other basic needs in the rural areas, it was very clear that it was a such tiresome experience and very difficult task especially for pregnant and HIV/AIDS affected mothers. In Kenya, the provision of healthcare services is far below the expected international standards. The worst hit categories are the low income earners and those living below the poverty line. Their inability to access these services is occasioned by the high costs, poor road infrastructure, high inflation rates, rapidly growing population accompanied by increased demand for healthcare services among others.

 It was on this respect that CODECH was established to transform the lives of the vulnerable in the community by sharing their experience and their desperate life with partners, friends and well wishers. Later the founder(s) decided to reach out to other like-minded and like hearted professionals to establish a Board that is mandated to run the organization professionally.