Mentally Challanged & Disabillity

In Africa and particularly in Kenya, there is a notion that has been proved to be true that there is a mentally challenged person in every shopping center. This being an unfortunate condition, Codech Kenya with the aid of the local leaders to meet these mentally challenged people in their homes or even in the market places for them who have been left out to live in the market places and in the dumpsites.

 Codech Kenya group of psychologists and psychological counselors goes to them and by using their prowess in handling such matters talk to them and persuade them to shave their hair and wash their bodies. This group of psychological counselors from Codech Kenya has succeeded in even persuading quit a number to their homes for centralized care and treatment.

 We are in the process of looking and consolidating donors to establish a center for the mentally challenged where they will be fed, treated and taken care of by professionals from a centralized place.
This being a great challenge, Codech Kenya invites donors and well wishers to help realize the objectives of this great program